Systems Biology

  • RegPhos

    A system to explore the protein kinase-substrate phosphorylation network in humans. (Nucl Acids Res, 2011)

MicroRNA and small RNA Regulation

  • miRTarBase

    A database curates experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions. (Nucl Acids Res, 2011 and Nucl Acids Res, 2014)

  • miRStart

    A database of human miRNA promoters. (Nucl Acids Res, 2011)

  • sRNAMap

    A database of small noncoding regulatory RNA in microbial genomes. (Nucl Acids Res, 2009)

  • ViTa

    A database of host microRNA targets on viruses. (Nucl Acids Res, 2007)

  • miRNAMap

    Genomic maps of microRNAs in metazoan genomes. (Nucl Acids Res, 2006 and Nucl Acids Res, 2008)

Protein Function, Interaction, and Modification

  • dbPTM

    An informative resource for investigating substrate site specificity and functional association of protein post-translational modifications (Nucl Acids Res, 2006 and Nucl Acids Res, 2013)

  • KIDFamMap

    A database of kinase-inhibitor-disease family maps for kinase inhibitor selectivity and binding mechanisms. (Nucleic Acids Res, 2013)

Regulatory Genomics

  • PlantPAN

    Plant Promoter Analysis Navigator, for identifying combinatorial cis-regulatory elements with distance constraint in plant gene group. (BMC Genomics, 2009)

  • MethHC

    A database of DNA methylation and gene expression in human cancer. (Nucl Acids Res, 2015)