Leader » Dr. Shinn-Ying Ho

Department of Biological Science and Technology Institute of Bioinformatics, National Chiao Tung University HsinChu, Taiwan


  • SCMPSP: Prediction and characterization of photosynthetic proteins based on a scoring card method.

    T. Vasylenko, Y.F. Liou, H.A. Chen, P. Charoenkwan, H.L. Huang* and S.Y. Ho*
    BMC Bioinformatics, 2015, 16 (Suppl 1):S8.


  • GeNOSA: inferring and experimentally supporting quantitative gene regulatory networks in prokaryotes.

    Y.H. Chen, C.D. Yang, C.P. Tseng, H.D. Huang, S.Y. Ho*
    Bioinformatics, 2015, pii: btv075


  • Is schizophrenia associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease? A nationwide matched-cohort study.

    N.S. Tzeng, Y.H. Hsu, S.Y. Ho, Y.C. Kuo, H.C. Lee, Y.J. Yin, H.A. Chen, W.L. Chen, W. C.C. Chu, H.L. Huang
    BMJ Open, 2015 Jan, 5(1):e006777.


  • SCMHBP: Prediction and analysis of heme binding proteins using propensity scores of dipeptides.

    Y.F. Liou, P. Charoenkwan, Y.S. Srinivasulu, T. Vasylenko, S.C. Lai, H.C. Lee, Y.H. Chen, H.L. Huang* and S.Y. Ho*
    BMC Bioinformatics, 2014, 15 Suppl 16:S4.


  • Increased risk of major depression subsequent to a first-attack and non-infection caused urticaria in adolescence: A nationwide population-based study.

    C.L. Kuo, C.Y. Chen, H.L. Huang, W.L. Chen, H.C. Lee, C.Y. Chang, C.C. Chou, S.Y. Ho*, H.P. Wu*, Y.R. Lin*
    BMC Pediatrics, 2014 July, 14(1):181.


  • Bronchial asthma is associated with increased risk of chronic kidney disease.

    H.L. Huang, S.Y. Ho, C.H. Li, F.Y. Chu, L.P. Ciou, H.C. Lee, W.L. Chen, N.S. Tzeng*
    BMC Pulmonary Medicine, 2014 May, 14(1):80.


  • Increased Risk of Major Depression in the Three Years following a Femoral Neck Fracture-A National Population-Based Follow-Up Study.

    C.Y. Chang, W.L. Chen, Y.F. Liou, C.C. Ke, H.C. Lee, H.L. Huang, L.P. Ciou, C.C. Chou, M.C. Yang, S.Y. Ho* and Y.R. Lin*
    PLoS ONE, 2014 Jan, 9(3):e89867.


  • SCMCRYS: Predicting Protein Crystallization Using an Ensemble Scoring Card Method with Estimating Propensity Scores of P-Collocated Amino Acid Pairs.

    P. Charoenkwan, W. Shoombuatong, H.C. Lee, J. Chaijaruwanich, H.L. Huang, and S.Y. Ho*
    PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(9), e72368.


  • HCS-Neurons: Identifying phenotypic changes in multi-neuron images upon drug treatments of high-content screening.

    P. Charoenkwan, E. Hwang, R.W. Cutler, H.C. Lee, L.W. Ko, H.L. Huang, S.Y. Ho*
    BMC Bioinformatics, 2013, 14 (Suppl 16): S12.


  • NeurphologyJ: an automatic neuronal morphology quantification method and its application in pharmacological discovery.

    S.Y. Ho, C.Y. Chao, H.L. Huang, T.W. Chiu, P. Charoenkwan, E. Hwang*
    BMC Bioinformatics, 2011, 12: 230.