Leader » Dr. Hsien-Da Huang

Chairman, Department of Biological Science & Technology, Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology National Chiao Tung University HsinChu, Taiwan


  • Oxidative Stress Activates Endothelial Innate Immunity via Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 2 (SREBP2) Transactivation of MicroRNA-92a.

    Z. Chen, L. Wen, M. Martin, C.Y. Hsu, L. Fang, F.M. Lin, T.Y. Lin, M.J. Geary, G.G. Geary, Y. Zhao, D.A. Johnson, J.W. Chen, S.J. Lin, S. Chien, H.D. Huang, Y.I. Miller, P.H. Huang, J.Y. Shyy
    Circulation. 2015 Mar 3;131(9):805-14.

  • MethHC: a database of DNA methylation and gene expression in human cancer.

    W.Y. Huang, S.D. Hsu, H.Y. Huang, Y.M. Sun, C.H. Chou, S.L. Weng, H.D. Huang*
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Jan;43(Database issue):D856-61.

  • miRTarBase update 2014: an information resource for experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions

    S.D. Hsu, Y.T. Tseng, S. Shrestha, Y.L. Lin, A. Khaleel, C.H. Chou, C.F. Chu, H.Y. Huang, C.M. Lin, S.Y. Ho, T.Y. Jian, F.M. Lin, T.H. Chang, S.L. Weng, K.W. Liao, I.E. Liao, C.C. Liu*, H.D. Huang*.
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2014 Jan;42(Database issue):D78-85.

  • Fungal small RNAs as novel effectors to suppress plant immunity by hijacking the host RNAi machinery

    A. Weiberg, M. Wang, F.M. Lin, H.W. Zhao, Z.H. Zhang, I. Kaloshian, H.D. Huang, and H. Jin*
    Science. 2013 Oct 4;342(6154):118-23.

  • COL11A1 Promotes Tumor Progression, and Predicts Poor Clinical Outcome in Ovarian Cancer

    Y.H. Wu, T.H. Chang, Y.F. Huang, H.D. Huang* and C.Y. Chou*
    Oncogene. 2014 Jun 26;33(26):3432-40.

  • Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 2 Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome in Endothelium Mediates Hemodynamic-Induced Atherosclerosis Susceptibility

    H. Xiao, M. Lu, T.Y. Lin, Z. Chen, G. Chen, W.C. Wang, T. Marin, T.P. Shentu, L. Wen, B. Gongol, W. Sun, X. Liang, J. Chen, H.D. Huang, J.H. Pedra, D.A. Johnson, and J.Y. Shyy*
    Circulation. 2013 Aug 6;128(6):632-42.

  • Hypoxia-responsive miRNAs target argonaute 1 to promote angiogenesis

    Z. Chen, W.C. Wang, H. Xiao, Y.T. Wang, F.M. Lin, W. Sun, T.C. Lai, Y.H. Jan, Y.S. Li, X. Cui, T. Fang, H. Zhao, C. Padmanabhan, R. Sun, D.L. Wang, H. Jin, H.D. Huang, M. Hsiao and J. Y.J. Shyy*
    Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2013 Mar 1;123(3):1057-67.

  • TET1 Suppresses Cancer Invasion by Activating the Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases

    C.H. Hsu, K.L. Peng, M.L. Kang, Y.R. Chen, Y.C. Yang, C.H. Tsai, C.S. Chu, Y.M. Jeng, Y.T. Chen, F.M. Lin, H.D. Huang, Y.Y. Lu, Y.C. Teng, S.T. Lin, R.K. Lin, F.M. Tang, S.B. Lee, H. M. Hsu, J.C. Yu *, P.W. Hsiao*, L.J. Juan*
    Cell Reports. 2012 Sep 27;2(3):568-79.

  • MicroRNA-122 plays a critical role in liver homeostasis and hepatocarcinogenesis

    W.C. Tsai, S.D. Hsu, C.S. Hsu, T.C. Lai, S.J. Chen, R. Shen, Yi Huang, H.C. Chen, C.H. Lee, T.F. Tsai, M.T. Hsu, J.C. Wu, H.D. Huang*, M.S. Shiao*, M. Hsiao*, A.P. Tsou*
    Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2012 Aug 1;122(8):2884-97.

  • miR-103/107 promote metastasis of colorectal cancer by targeting the metastasis suppressors DAPK and KLF4

    H.Y. Chen, Y.M. Lin, H.C. Chung, Y.D. Lang, C.J. Lin, J. Huang, W.C. Wang, F.M. Lin, Z. Chen, H.D. Huang, J. Y.J. Shyy, J.T. Liang, and R.H. Chen*
    Cancer Research. 2012 Jul 15;72(14):3631-41.

  • Identifying transcriptional start sites of human microRNAs based on high-throughput sequencing data

    C.H. Chien, Y.M. Sun, W.C. Chang, P.Y. Chiang-Hsieh, T.Y. Lee, W.C. Tsai, J.T. Horng, A.P. Tsou*, H.D. Huang*
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2011 Nov;39(21):9345-56.

  • miRTar: an integrated system for identifying miRNA-target interactions in Human

    J.B.K. Hsu, C.M. Chiu, S.D. Hsu, W.Y. Huang, C.H. Chien, T.Y. Lee and H.D. Huang*
    BMC Bioinformatics. 2011 Jul 26;12:300.

  • Flow-regulation of Krüppel-like Factor 2 Is Mediated by MicroRNA-92a

    W. Wu, H. Xiao, A. Laguna-Fernandez, G. Villarreal, K.C. Wang, G.G. Geary, W.C. Wang, H.D. Huang, J. Zhou, Y.S. Li, S. Chien, G. Garcia-Cardena, J.Y-J. Shyy*
    Circulation. 2011 Aug 2;124(5):633-41.

  • Arabidopsis Argonaute 2 Regulates Innate Immunity via miRNA393*-Mediated Silencing of a Golgi-Localized SNARE Gene, MEMB12

    X. Zhang, H. Zhao, S. Gao, W.C. Wang, S. Katiyar-Agarwal, H.D. Huang, N. Raikhel and H. Jin*
    Molecular Cell. 2011 May 6;42(3):356-66.

  • miRTarBase: a database curates experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions

    S.D. Hsu, F.M. Lin, W.Y. Wu, C. Liang, W.C. Huang, W.L. Chan, W.T. Tsai, G.Z. Chen, C.J. Lee, C.M. Chiu, C.H. Chien, C.Y. Huang, A.P. Tsou and H.D. Huang*
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jan;39(Database issue):D163-9.

  • miRExpress: Analyzing high-throughput sequencing data for profiling microRNA expression

    W.C. Wang, F.M. Lin, W.C. Chang, K.Y. Lin, H.D. Huang*, and N.S. Lin*
    BMC Bioinformatics. 2009 Oct 12;10:328.

  • FMM: a web server for metabolic pathway reconstruction and comparative analysis

    C.H. Chou†, W.C. Chang†, C.M. Chiu, C.C. Huang, and H.D. Huang*
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2009 Jul;37(Web Server issue):W129-34.

  • MicoRNA-122, a tumor suppressor microRNA that regulates intra-hepatic metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

    W.C. Tsai†, Paul W.C. Hsu†, T.C. Lai†, G.Y. Chau, C.W. Lin, C.M. Chen, C.D. Lin, Y.L. Liao, J.L. Wang, Y.P. Chau, M.T. Hsu, M. Hsiao*, H.D. Huang*, A.P. Tsou*.
    Hepatology. 2009 May;49(5):1571-82.

  • sRNAMap: Genomic maps for small non-coding RNAs, their regulators and their targets in microbial genomes

    H.Y. Huang, H.Y. Chang, C.H. Chou, C.P. Tseng, S.Y. Ho, and H.D. Huang*.
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2009 Jan;37(Database issue):D150-4.

  • PlantPAN: Plant Promoter Analysis Navigator, for identifying combinatorial cis-regulatory elements with distance constraint in plant gene group

    W.C. Chang, T.Y. Lee, H.D. Huang*, H.Y. Huang, R.L. Pan*.
    BMC Genomics. 2008 Nov 26;9:561.

  • miRNAMap: genomic maps for miRNA genes and their target genes in vertebrate genomes

    W.C. Hsu†, H.D. Huang†*, S.D. Hsu, L.Z. Lin, A.P. Tsou, C.P. Tseng, P.F. Stadler, S. Washietl, and I.L. Hofacker.
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2008 Jan;36(Database issue):D165-9.

  • dbPTM: An information repository of protein post-translational modification

    T.Y. Lee†, H.D. Huang†*, J.H. Hung, H.Y. Huang, Y.S. Yang, and T.H. Wang*.
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2006 Jan 1;34(Database issue):D622-7.

  • KinasePhos: a web tool for identifying protein kinase-specific phosphorylation sites

    H.D. Huang*, T.Y. Lee, S.W. Tseng, and J.T. Horng.
    Nucleic Acids Research. 2005 Jul 1;33(Web Server issue):W226-9.