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Research on Small Regulatory RNAs and microRNAs,Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology,Gene Transcriptional Regulation,Post-Transcriptional Regulation,Proteomics.

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  • MicroRNA Regulation

    Recent works have demonstrated that microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in critical biological processes by suppressing the translation of coding genes. In order to facilitate the investigation of microRNA regulation, we developed several biological databases and computational tools in this important field. Six articles in this filed were published in Nucleic Acids Research (2007 SCI Impact = 6.878).....

  • Protein Post-translational Modification

    Protein Post-Translational Modification (PTM) plays an essential role in cellular control mechanisms that adjust protein physical and chemical properties, folding, conformation, stability and activity, thus also altering protein function. Four articles in this field were published in Nucleic Acids Research (2007 SCI Impact = 6.878). dbPTM is a comprehensive information repository of protein post-translational modification (PTM) (Nucl Acids Res, 2006)......


  • Small Regulatory RNAs and microRNAs
    • miRNAMap

      genomic maps of microRNAs in metazoan genomes (Nucl Acids Res, 2006, Nucl Acids Res, 2008)

    • RNAMST

      An efficient and flexible search tool for RNA structural homologs (Nucl Acids Res, 2006)

    • RegRNA

      A regulatory RNA motifs and elements finder (Nucl Acids Res, 2006)

    • RNALogo

      A new approach to display structural RNA alignment (Nucl Acids Res, 2008)

    • ViTa

      A database of host microRNA targets on viruses (Nucl Acids Res, 2007)

    • SRNAMap

      A database of small noncoding regulatory RNA in microbial genomes (Nucl Acids Res, 2009)

    • RiboSW

      A effective tool for identifying riboswitches (RNA, 2009)

  • Gene Transcriptional Regulation
    • RgS-Miner

      A predictive system for transcriptional regulatory sites in eukaryotic genomes (Nucl Acids Res, 2004)

    • PlantPAN

      Plant Promoter Analysis Navigator, for identifying combinatorial cis-regulatory elements with distance constraint in plant gene group (BMC Genomics, 2009)

    • i-Genome

      A database index for the genome summarized information (BMC Genomics)

  • Proteomics
    • ProKware

      An integrated software for presenting protein structural properties in protein tertiary structures (Nucl Acids Res, 2006)

  • Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology
    • FMM

      A web server for metabolic pathway reconstruction and comparative analysis (Nucl Acids Res, 2009)

    • dbPTM

      An information repository of protein post-translational modification (PTM) (Nucl Acids Res, 2006)

    • KinasePhos

      A web tool for identifying protein kinase-specific phosphorylation site (Nucl Acids Res, 2005, J. Comp. Chem. 2005)

    • KinasePhos (ver. 2)

      A web server for identifying protein kinase-specific phosphorylation sites based on sequences and coupling patterns (Nucl Acids Res, 2007)

    • Sulfosite

      A tool for identifying protein sulfation sites (J. Comp. Chem. 2009))

    • MASA

      A tool for identifying protein methylation sites (J. Comp. Chem. 2009)

    • N-ACE

      A tool for identifying protein N-acetylation sites (J. Comp. Chem. 2010)

  • Post-Transcriptional Regulation
    • SpliceInfo

      An information repository for the modes of mRNA alternative splicing in human genome (Nucl Acids Res, 2005)

    • ProSplicer

      An alternative splicing database based on protein, mRNA, and EST sequences (Genome Biology, 2003)